Hollywood Smile Clinic- Affordable Laser Teeth Whitening

The centre of excellence for laser teeth whitening in Dublin

We are a leading provider of Laser Teeth Whitening Technology in Dublin. We only use the most advanced Beyond White Spa cosmetic teeth whitening system which is the latest and most advanced accelerator laser technology available today. We do not use a Gimmick LED  light as other clinics do, we only use a Class1A Medical device.

In just one hour, our fully trained, insured and friendly Professional Dental Technicians will dramatically enhance the brightness of your smile, in a luxurious, comfortable, stress free and affordable environment.

We assist clients in obtaining a bright white smile between 5 to 14 shades brighter.

Years of drinking coffee, tea and red wine or smoking cigarettes causes tooth discolouration. You may notice when you look closely at your own teeth, some yellowing that have occurred over the years. This is perfectly normal, however, we will brighten your teeth to become shiny and white again, just like when you were a child. Everyone deserves a beautiful and confident white smile.

Cosmetic laser teeth whitening is completely safe, gentle and pain-free. In only one hour you can walk away with confidence.

Why not contact us today and see how Hollywood Smile Clinic can improve your smile. You can park directly outside.

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“Apply for one hour a day for fourteen days and get that Hollywood Smile”

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